Build diary – week fifteen, up on the roof

With great pleasure, I am handing this blog over to Whistlewood volunteers. If you would like to contribute, you can write your own piece as Chris has or send me notes using the contact page or via Whistlewood.

By Chris Gregson – 3rd September to 7th September.

Monday seemed to be delivery day, we saw the arrival of the decking boards, Cedar shingles, the Velux roof lights and more lime and clay plaster. Plenty to do then, although the weather had its contribution to make to the shingle laying.

I have to say that the smell coming off the Cedar shingles was wonderful, like walking through a forest just after the rains. The deck boards will be stored until needed in a few weeks’ time.

The first of the three Velux roof lights was installed as part of the shingle laying process. The shingles we have are all of a uniform width rather than the traditional multi-sized versions you often see.  This doesn’t seem to matter and in fact makes them easier to lay.

The ‘services box’ is more or less complete it just needs a top coat of paint to finish it off.

Whilst the roof was being laid the rest of us continued with applying the limecrete coats. The whole building now has its external base coat (lime plaster with hemp) and the main, large, wall has its second coat (lime plaster with horse hair).


Chris Gregson


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