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Unburnable oil The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C McGlade & Ekins, Nature Letters, Nature 517, 187–190 (08 January 2015) 12/10/2015
bank of England and the Finance Policy Committee to consider the subject of unburnable (stranded) oil Letter from Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England) to the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee Bank of England – Oct 2014 12/10/2015
Australian has to import heavy oil INTERNATIONAL CRUDE OIL PRICING Australian Institute of Petroleum – undated 12/21/2015
Municipal waste weighed twenty-two million tonnes and English industrial and commercial waste Digest of Waste and Resource Statistics – 2015 Edition – Jan 2015 12/4/2015
62% of packaging recycled 67% recovered 2011 vs 1998, seventy five per cent of packaging plastics went to landfill Policy paper: 2010 to 2015 government policy: waste and recycling – May 2015 12/4/2015
US spills increase by 18% to twenty a day Spills up 17 percent in U.S. in 2013 E&E News – May 2014 12/21/2015
US oil spills increase and total twenty a day America’s Oil And Gas Industry Averaged At Least 20 Spills Per Day In 2013 Climate Progress – May 2014 12/21/2015
Land based causes of marine oil pollution How does petroleum (oil products) become a pollutant in the coastal and marine environment? Global Marine Oil Pollution – undated 12/17/2015
Oil in the sea – source two What is the biggest source of pollution in the ocean? NOAA – undated 12/17/2015
Algae swamped beaches in France Toxic seaweed on French coast sparks health fears The Telegraph – Jul 2011 12/17/2015
Yellow sea covered in algae With surf like turf, huge algae bloom befouls China coast The New York Times – Jul 2013 12/17/2015
Lake Erie record algae bloom Experimental Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin NCCOS – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
Dead zone map Our Planet Is Exploding With Ocean Dead Zones Business Insider – June 2013 12/17/2015
Dead zone size Dead Zones – Lack of oxygen a key stressor on marine ecosystems Virginia Institute of Marine Science – undated 12/17/2015
8 million tonnes of plastic enter the seas every year Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean Jambeck, Geyer, Wilcox, Siegler, Perryman, Andrady, Narayan, Lavender Law, Science 13 February 2015: Vol. 347 no. 6223 pp. 768-771 12/21/2015
46,000 pieces of plastic Plastic debris in the world’s oceans Greenpeace – undated 12/4/2015
A garbage patch for every ocean Every single ocean has a massive swirling plastic garbage patch Vox – Jul 2014 12/21/2015
five trillion pieces of plastic Plastic Pollution in the World’s Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250,000 Tons Afloat at Sea Eriksen, Lebreton, Carson, Thiel, Moore, Borerro, Galgani, Ryan, Reisser Plos 10.1371/journal.pone.0111913 Dec 2014 12/7/2015
floating plastic only 5% of that which reaches the sea Maritime expert’s warning – Is global plastic pollution killing us? The Courier – Nov 2015 12/7/2015
Lake Garda Plastic waste is a hazard for sub-alpine lakes too Eurekalert – Oct 2013 12/7/2015
DDT and PCBs Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Global Issue, A Global Response EPA – undated 12/17/2015
90% of sea birds have eaten plastic Threat of plastic pollution to sea birds is global, pervasive, and increasing Wilcoxa, Van Sebille, Hardestya, Procedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, vol. 112 no. 38, 11899–11904, Jul 2015 12/10/2015
These seals eat the same sea food as us Seals and Sea Lions at The Marine Mammal Center BBC Shared Planet – Dec 2013 12/21/2015
drinking pesticides French wine industry’s love affair with pesticides blamed for worker health problems The Guardian – Oct 2015 12/10/2015
Animals at the top of the food chain have 10,000 times as much DDT Fundamentals of Air Pollution Vallero, Academic Press, Oct 2007,000+times+concentration+of+ddt&source=bl&ots=_UUJmUPr_A&sig=SBqPnXyMt6_asQx68Lm5FIfR0hE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=rvrhU5qkEbDn7AaX9oH4CQ&ved=0CFsQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=10%2C000%20times%20concentration%20of%20ddt&f=false 12/21/2015
Microbes consuming hydrocarbons in the Pacific garbage patch Marine microbes digest plastic – A ‘little world’ eating ocean garbage might be a mixed blessing. Nature News – Mar 2011 12/17/2015
Ship breaking The Ship-Breakers National Geographic – May 2013 12/17/2015
Sonic guns may deafen marine animals Will Atlantic Ocean Oil Prospecting Silence Endangered Right Whales? National Geographic – Aug 2014 12/17/2015
water used in fracking may be offset by savings in electricity generation Fracking May Make Texas Power Supply Drought Resistant Climate Central – Dec 2013 12/17/2015
oil dispersal agents slow bacterial degradation of oil Oil dispersant can suppress natural oil-degrading micro-organisms, new study shows University of Georgia – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
Oil cleaning technologies Spill Containment Methods NOAA Office of Response and Restoration – undated 12/17/2015
We don’t know what happens to all the oil in a spill, nor its impact New report finds critical research gaps in assessing environmental impacts of crude oil spills News Medical – Nov 2015 12/9/2015
benzene is a carcinogen and is added to petrol Benzene and you Health and safety executive – undated 12/17/2015
Dioxins Dioxins and their effects on human health World Health Organisation – Jun 2014 12/17/2015
Municipal waste burning is much cleaner than open fires Long term plant bio monitoring in the vicinity of waste incinerators in The Netherlands van Dijk, van Doorn, van Alfen, Chemosphere, Nov 2014 12/17/2015
Dara, Climate Vulnerability Climate vulnerability monitor 2 a guide to the cold calculus of a hot planet DARA – undated 12/4/2015
Cost of fly tipping Fly-tipping statistics for England, 2014/15 – Oct 2015 12/4/2015
The Canals and Rivers trust fly tipping costs Don’t dump in our canals! Canal and River Trust – Sep 2014 12/21/2015
UK beach clean up costs Public consultation on marine litter – Background document European Commission – Apr 2013 12/21/2015
EU litter clean up costs are £10 billion Stop Litter Now! summit: Litter costs Europe Euro 13 billion per year – Dec 2014 12/21/2015
2457 pieces of litter per km of British beach Great British Beach Clean Marine Conservation Society – 2014 12/10/2015
UK air and water pollution release UK Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) data sets – Jan 2012 12/21/2015
Ofwat expects the water industry to spend £44 million The economic regulation of the water sector National Audit Office – Oct 2015 12/18/2015
27% of UK waterways do not support a viable ecosystem Tackling water pollution from the urban environment – Jun 2013 12/18/2015
South West river basin project Water for life and livelihoods – River Basin Management Plan
South West River Basin District
Defra and the Environment Agency – Dec 2009 12/18/2015
Keep Britain Tidy – £1 billion Reports Keep Britain Tidy – undated 12/21/2015
Increased plant growth from rising CO2 levels The great greening: The coming of our new lush Earth New Sientist – Oct 2013 12/21/2015
Increased plant growth from rising CO2 levels Climate myths: Higher CO2 levels will boost plant growth and food production New Scientist – May 2007 12/21/2015
Sea level rises and factors that make sea level rises vary across the globe 13. Sea Level Change Church, Clark, IPCC Working Group I, 2013 12/17/2015
Greenland glaciers are melting Spatial and temporal distribution of mass loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet since AD 1900 Kjeldsen, Korsgaard, Bjørk, Khan, Box, Funder, Larsen, Bamber, Colgan, van den Broeke, Siggaard-Andersen, Nuth, Schomacker, Andresen, Willerslev, Kjær, Nature 528 393-400, Dec 2015 12/21/2015
Set to sail passed one degree of warming Global temperatures set to reach 1 °C marker for first time Met Office – Nov 2015 12/17/2015
shore side cities will experience flooding and storm damage Which Coastal Cities Are at Highest Risk of Damaging Floods? New Study Crunches the Numbers The World Bank – Aug 2013 12/21/2015
Scientist says 5m sea rise is inevitable All eyes on the oceans—James Hansen and sea level rise – Sep 2015 12/10/2015
Other scientists say IPCC estimate is too high Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations Ritz, Edwards, Durand, Payne, Peyaud, Hindmarsh, Nature 528, 115–118 (03 December 2015) 12/10/2015
melting glaciers sweep down to the sea and cause flooding Himalayan glacial lake threatens to flood Buddhist holy city American Geophysical Union [blog] – Dec 2015 1/31/2016
Lakes are warming Lakes warm worldwide – Temperature rise outpaces warming of atmosphere, and threatens aquatic ecosystems Nature News – Dec 2015 12/23/2015
Lakes are evaporating Lake Poopo dries up Reuters – Jun 2016 1/31/2016
Heat waves in Australia, Asia and Europe are becoming more common Heatwaves: hotter, longer, more often Climate Council – 2014 12/17/2015
severe rain fall events are increasing Record-breaking heavy rainfall events increased under global warming Potsdam Institute for Climate Research – Jul 2015 12/17/2015
East Africa is drying out more quickly Horn of Africa drying ever faster as climate warms Science Daily – Oct 2015 12/17/2015
We can rarely attribute severe events to climate change Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 NOAA – Dec 2015 12/17/2015
We can rarely attribute severe events to climate change Climate change strongly linked to UK flooding The Financial Times – Jan 2016 2/3/2016
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2013-2014 winter storms Winter storms, January to February 2014 Met Office – Jan 2015 12/17/2015
UK heatwave deaths (2003) The heatwave of 2003 Met Office – May 2015 12/17/2015
Boscastle flash flood August 2004 Boscastle Floods Met Office – Apr 2015 12/17/2015
The causes and effects of ocean acidification Explainer: ocean acidification ECOS – Jun 2015 12/21/2015
Jellyfish thrive Attack of the jellies: the winners of ocean acidification The Conversation – Dec 2015 12/7/2015
The sea is 0.1 pH units more acidic Ocean Acidification National Geographic – undated 12/21/2015
Whales starve on their annual migrations Humpback whales exhausted as food sources depleted due to climate change, researcher says ABC News – Jun 2015 12/21/2015
Melting methane hydrates Climate change impacts on methane hydrates World Ocean Review – undated 12/18/2015
permafrost melting in Alaska USGS Projects Large Loss of Alaska Permafrost by 2100 USGS – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
World GDP GDP (current US$) World Databank 12/4/2015
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river restoration UK flooding: How a Yorkshire town worked with nature to stay dry The Independent – Jan 2016 1/31/2016
calls to replant the UK’s up lands Carlisle floods: bring back the trees, and the beavers! Ecologist – Dec 2015 12/18/2015
UK Environment agency cost of flood defences Flood defence spending in England House of Commons Library – Feb 2014 12/21/2015
Bangladeshi Prime Minister quote Climate change is already damaging global economy, report finds The Guardian – Sep 2012 12/21/2015
Environment Agency Flood Map Flood maps for planning (rivers and seas) The Environment Agency – Aug 2014 12/21/2015
National Geographic – map of the world if all ice melts if all the ice melted National Geographic – undated 12/21/2015
Pacific island height over sea level Tide of humanity, as well as rising seas, lap at Kiribati’s future Reuters – Jun 2013 12/21/2015
Kirbati atoll height over sea level The Pacific – Geography South Pacific Organizer – undated 12/21/2015
Kiribati mass migration Drowning Kiribati Bloomber Business Week – Nov 2013 12/21/2015
Kiribati won first Commonwealth Gold medal at Glasgow 2014 Kiribati claims historic first Commonwealth Games gold medal Inside the games – Jul 2014 12/18/2015
Spread of ‘tropical’ diseases Climate change could bring tropical disease epidemics to Britain, health expert warns The Observer (via the Guardian) – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
First environmental refugee New Zealand: ‘Climate Change Refugee’ Case Overview Library of congress – Jul 2015 12/18/2015
200 million climate refugees by 2050 Migration, Environment and Climate Change: assessing the evidence Frank Laczko and Christine Aghazarm, International Organisation for Migration, 2009 12/21/2015
22 million people displaced by Natural Hazards in 2014 Global Estimates 2014: People displaced by disasters International Displacement Monitoring Centre – Sept 2014 12/21/2015
Insurers are moving out of high risk markets eg flooding Flooding Association of British Insurers – undated 12/18/2015
NRDC predictions of the effects of climate change in the US Climate change threatens health – serious threats where you live and what to do about them NRDC – undated 12/18/2015
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undeveloped coastal regions protect the UK from flooding Tackling flooding along coastlines Wildlife Trusts – undated 12/18/2015
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Effect of green spaces on health This Is Your Brain on Nature National Geographic – Jan 2016 1/31/2016
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Nordhaus and Boyer quote Warming the World: Economics Models of Global Warming Nordhaus and Boyer, Internet Edition, undated 12/21/2015
Two earthquakes off Blackpool, which government regulations will prevent in future Fracking UK shale: understanding earthquake risk DECC – 2014 12/21/2015
Water injection for geothermal earthquakes in Switzerland Earthquakes Induced by the Stimulation of an Enhanced Geothermal System below Basel (Switzerland) Deichann and Giardini, GeoScienceWorld, v80 no5, p 784-798, 2009 12/21/2015
water injection for waste water disposal causes earthquakes Induced Earthquakes Remain Challenge for Oil, Gas Operations Rigzone – Dec 2015 12/23/2015
Earthquakes in California Geothermal power facility induces earthquakes, study finds University of California, Santa Cruz – Jul 2013 12/18/2015
Waste water disposal earthquakes Oklahoma breaks record with hundreds of earthquakes after fracking intensifies RT – Apr 2014 12/21/2015
Very few fracked wells have led to earthquakes Geologists Set the Record Straight on Earthquakes, Injection, and Fracking EnergyInDepth – Jun 2015 12/18/2015
thirty fold increase and extra earthquakes are low in magnitude Induced Earthquakes USGS – undated 12/18/2015
Regulation will reduce the problems seen in the US Low health risk’ from fracking, says UK agency BBC news – Oct 2013 12/21/2015
Fracking uses too much water Fracking and water consumption SourceWatch – undated 12/18/2015
Texas in drought West Texas Oilfield Town Runs Out of Water The Texas Tribune – Jun 2013 12/21/2015
Only 0.3% of US water consumed in fracking, less that watering golf greens and water for teeshirt comparison Energy Facts: How Much Water Does Fracking for Shale Gas Consume? theenergycollective – Apr 2013 12/18/2015
how many litres of water are needed to make a cotton teeshirt The Impact of a Cotton T-Shirt WWF – Jan 2013 12/21/2015
Recycling waste water and more The Energy Fix: How To Clean Up Fracking’s Bad Rep Popular Science – Jun 2013 12/21/2015
The industry has learnt how to use waste and salt water How the oil and gas industry is using technology to reduce water consumption IBM [blogs] – Jan 2015 12/21/2015
Pollution from holding tanks In Pavillion, Wyoming Water Contamination Case, Questions Continue To Swirl About Oil and Gas Industry’s Role Desmogblog – Feb 2014 12/21/2015
Need transparency on chemicals Backlash as EPA considers fracking chemicals disclosure rules Chemistry World – Sep 2014 12/18/2015
Chemical used in UK fracking and the EA does not allow chemicals that are hazardous to groundwater and licenced water processors Fracking UK shale: water – Feb 2014 12/18/2015
Other studies show more – US methane leaks cities The environmental scandal that’s happening right beneath your feet Meidum – Feb 2013 12/21/2015
Leaking well casings allow methane to escape Study points to well leaks, not fracking, for water contamination MIT – the Tech – Sep 2014 12/18/2015
Other studies show more – air over gas operations Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems Brandt, Heath, Kort, O’Sullivan, Pétron, Jordaan, Tans, Wilcox, Gopstein, Arent, Wofsy, Brown, Bradley, Stucky, Eardley,Harriss, Science, Vol. 343 no. 6172 pp. 733-735, Feb 2014 12/21/2015
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Fracking is highly unlikely to release methane into either water reserves or the atmosphere Elevated levels of diesel range organic compounds in groundwater near Marcellus gas operations are derived from surface activities Drollettea, Hoelzerb, Warnerc, Darrahd, Karatume, O’Connore, Nelsonf, Fernandezg, Reddyf, Vengoshh, Jacksoni, Elsnerb, Plataa Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, vol. 112 no. 43, 13184–13189 Sept 2015 12/7/2015
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Some studies about leaks are partisan Revisiting a Questionable Study on Shale Gas and Methane Leaks EnergyInDepth – Apr 2014 12/18/2015
Gasland the movie Gasland Wikipedia – Jun 2015 12/21/2015
EPA study shows fracking has not contaminated ground water Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources (External Review Draft) EPA (draft assessment) – Jun 2015 2/2/2016
EPA’s scientific advisors dispute the findings of the EPA draft report. Science Advisory Board (SAB) Draft Report (1/7/16) to Assist Panel Deliberations EPA (unapproved) – Jan 2016$File/Report+to+Administrator-SAB+Hydraulic+Fracturing+Research+Advisory+Panel-1-7-16+draft.pdf 2/2/2016
Gina McCarthy quote Ban Fracking’ Activists Go Local Because They Are Losing Everywhere Else The Energy Collective – Nov 2013 12/18/2015
World Energy Outlook (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2013 IEA – Nov 2013 12/30/2015
UK food waste Food Statistics – Pocketbook 2013 – 2015 12/4/2015
throw away one third of the food we produce globally Food Loss and Food Waste Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – undated 1/31/2016
90% of marine life is discarded CATCH AND DECEASED? Ensia – Apr 2014 12/4/2015
Illegal to throw away edible food in France French food waste law revived with new bill EuroFoodLaw – Sep 2015 12/10/2015
US CO2 emission decreases and causes U.S. ENERGY-RELATED CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS DECLINED 3.8 PERCENT IN 2012 EIA – Oct 2013, Oct 2014 12/21/2015
Valuable metals from sweeping the streets Recycling street sweepings Commercial website 12/21/2015
gold from waste water CIRCULATE ON FRIDAYS: FLUSHING GOLD DOWN THE TOILET AND MORE… Circulate News – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
minerals from primary production waste Making gold out of almost nothing at all BusinessDayLive – Mar 2015 12/18/2015
Landfill mining CLOSING THE CIRCLE: ENHANCED LANDFILL MINING Waste Management World – undated 12/21/2015
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Designers of tomorrow Sustainable Design MA University of Brighton – undated 12/21/2015
CCS What is CCS? Carbon Capture and Storage Association 12/18/2015
UK government policy drove the withdrawal of the largest investor in a UK scheme White Rose website Press release – Nov 2015 12/7/2015
Taking carbon dioxide from the air INDUSTRIAL-SCALE CAPTURE OF CO2 FROM AMBIENT AIR Commercial website 12/21/2015
Ambient CCS Capture of carbon dioxide from ambient air Lackner, Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics, 176, 93-106 (2009),%20clean.pdf 12/21/2015
Living ambient CCS Desert plantations could help capture carbon SciDevNet – Aug 2013 12/21/2015
Catalytic ambient CCS Renewable Energy Production via Carbon Capture and Recycling Desert Research Institute – 2008 12/21/2015
Spiral welding shafts Spiral Welding Commercial website 12/21/2015
Lithium from car batteries Honda Established World’s First Process to Reuse Rare Earth Metals Extracted from Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries for Hybrid Vehicles Honda [press release] – Mar 2013 12/21/2015
Plastic from chewing gum Anna Bullus University of Brighton – undated 12/21/2015
Spare parts from electronic waste environcom Commercial website 12/21/2015
Guardian Sustainability section Living our values – sustainability reporting The Guardian – Section 12/21/2015
Ellen MacArthur Foundation The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works in education, business innovation and analysis to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. EllenMacArthur – undated 12/21/2015
Stevenage Company Abbeysteel film – Success Story – Abbey Steel by Renewables East Resource Efficiency East – Oct 2013 12/20/2015
refurbishing dustbin lorries Welcome to Commercial website 12/18/2015
Ecover plastics from the sea Ecover Ocean Plastic Project Commercial website 12/18/2015
Swedish jeans Nudie Jeans Co Commercial website 12/18/2015
The library of things Library of things Website 1/31/2016
Glue is in hot water Dunk your motherboards to recycle them Wired – Mar 2013 12/21/2015
repairable phone Introducing the Fairphone 2 – Designed to change the way products are made Commercial website 12/15/2015
repairable phone Introducing puzzlelab Commercial website 12/15/2015
The Empire State Building refurbishment Sustainability & energy efficiency Empire State Building Realty Trust – undated 12/21/2015
White house A Brief History of White House Solar Panels – Dec 2015 12/18/2015
DUPE and other ‘green’ materials Would you live in a house made of sand and bacteria? It’s a surprisingly good idea CNN – May 2014 12/21/2015
mimic the way marine creatures make limestone Eco-cement, the cheapest carbon sequestration on the planet The Conversation – Dec 2012 1/31/2016
Warm feet in Mongolia From ski boot liners to winter boots Pique – Nov 2014 12/21/2015
Cow poo and nutrients The Accelerated Renewable Energy (ARE) Consortium is a University of Wisconsin – Soil Net – Maple Leaf Dairy Partnership University of Winconsin Website 12/21/2015
Yogurt maker to become zero net emitter Climate policy target zero net carbon through solutions co-created with Danone’s ecosystem Danone – undated 12/7/2015
Glass from banana skins Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Trash-To-Glass: A sustainable process for glass making Colorado School of Mines – Spring 2014 12/21/2015
Coffee grounds into fertiliser Green Cup Commercial website 12/21/2015
Coffee grounds into furniture Reworked: creative waste solutions Reworked [blog] 12/21/2015
Plastic spoons to 3d printer filament Ben & Jerry’s and Filabot Team To Turn Plastic Spoons into 3D Printer Filament 3D print – April 2015 12/21/2015
Boxer shorts Van Hulley Website 1/31/2016
Nutella left overs used to make packaging Confectionery – nuts inside, nut shells in the packaging European Commission – Dec 2014 12/21/2015
Cardboard from dead tomato plants Web Retail Uses Solid Board from Tomato Plants Success in Store Packaging Europe – Jan 2016 2/6/2016
Welsh carpets protect horses CARPET RECYCLING FACILITY TO SUPPLY EQUESTRIAN SECTOR Resource – Jan 2016 1/31/2016
Pop up recycling Pop-up recycling service coming to towns and villages in East Northamptonshire Northamptonshire Telegraph – Jun 2015 12/21/2015
the sea bin Seabin project Website 1/31/2016
Makerspaces UK Makerspaces, Mapped! Google – retrieved Dec 2015 12/7/2015