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Hubbert US peak oil prediction When Oil Peaked By Kenneth S. Deffeyes (Princeton university) – undated 12/17/2015
Date of US oil production peak and American imports were double domestic production (2006 production) and American production reached parity US field production of crude oil EIA – database 12/17/2015
American imports were double domestic production (2006 imports) and American production reached partity US imports of crude oil and petroleum products EIA – database 12/17/2015
Hubbert world peak oil Hubbert’s Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage Kenneth S Deffeyes, Princeton University Press, 2003 12/17/2015
in Hubbert paragraph – we consume 34 billion barrels of oil a year EIA International Energy Statistics EIA – database 11/25/2015
2006 peak of conventional oil Dr Fatih Birol part 1. Peak Oil 2006 You Tube – May 2011 12/17/2015
2007 peak of conventional oil Dr Fatih Birol part 2. Peak Oil 2006 You Tube – May 2012 12/17/2015
Hirsch Quote PEAKING OF WORLD OIL PRODUCTION: IMPACTS, MITIGATION, & RISK MANAGEMENT Robert L. Hirsch, SAIC, Project Leader; Roger Bezdek, MISI; Robert Wendling, MISI: published by the US Department of Energy, Feb 2005 12/17/2015
Historic oil consumption and price BP statistical review of world energy 2013 BP – 2015 11/30/2015
Without shale oil 2013 production levels would be the same as 2005 World crude production 2013 without shale oil is back to 2005 levels Crudeoil Peak – Mar 2014 12/17/2015
EIA think US shale oil production will peak in 2020 Annual Energy Outlook 2015 – Table: Total Energy Supply, Disposition, and Price Summary EIA – Apr 2015 12/17/2015
Leave oil quote Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast [interview with Fatih Birol] The Independent – Aug 2009 1/2/2016