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petrol half of every barrel Refinery Yield EIA [database] 12/17/2015
plastic wrap increases the shelf life of cucumbers Seriously, do we need cucumbers wrapped in plastic? Let’s talk plastics – undated 12/17/2015
39.6% of European plastics used as packaging Plastics – the Facts 2014/2015 PlasticsEurope – Jan 2015 11/30/2015
5% of the working population employed in transport and storage 170 Years of Industrial Change across England and Wales [2011 census analysis] ONS – Jun 2013 11/30/2015
The first modern container 1956 History of containerization World Shipping Council – undated 12/17/2015
ISO standard for containers Specifications Container solutions – undated 12/17/2015
The world container capacity and Drewry estimate of new containers Global container fleet World Shipping Council – Jul 2013 11/30/2015
Number and capacity of container ships alphaliner – Top 100 alphaliner – live 11/30/2015
Number of container journeys Container Port Traffic (TEU: 20-foot equivalent units) World DataBank – database 11/30/2015
Container weight Standard containers Transport Information Service (TIS) from the German Insurance Association (GDV e.V.) – undated 12/17/2015
Energy used in steel manufacture Research article: The energy required to produce materials: constraints on energy-intensity improvements, parameters of demand Gutowski, Sahni, Allwood, Ashby and Worrell, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 371, 20120003, Jan 2013 2/8/2016
Conversion of MJ to barrels of oil Unit juggler 12/17/2015
Conversion of barrels of oil to litres metric conversions 12/17/2015
Defra, centralised warehouses and food miles The Validity of Food Miles as an Indicator of Sustainable Development AEA Technology for DEFRA – Jul 2005 12/17/2015
Cereal box weight reduction Sustainability Commitment Update: Nature’s Path Foods – Six Month Update Share Green – undated 12/17/2015
bamboo, mushrooms and wheat straw for computer packaging Sustainable solutions for green packaging and product delivery Commercial website 12/20/2015
63% vs 37% Fuel Consumption (ENV0101) – Dec 2014 11/30/2015
CO2 emissions per transport mode Government conversion factors for company reporting Ukconversionfactors – 2015 11/30/2015
Marco Polo (final report) Marco polo results and outlook EC – May 2013 12/20/2015
Walter Snelling Snelling made discovery that lit flame on propane industry LPGAS magazine – Mar 2012 12/20/2015
US lorry fleets turning to LPG, LNG and /cng Table: Freight Transportation Energy Use EIA Annual Energy Outlook – Apr 2015 12/20/2015
Global LPG stations [US], US electricity charging stations (nearly nine times as many as CNG and LPG combined) Alternative Fueling Station Counts by State USDepartmentOfEnergy – database 11/30/2015
Global LPG stations [UK] Where can I purchase fuel drivelpg – undated 11/30/2015
Global LPG stations [Europe] Welcome to – undated 11/30/2015
European CNG NGVA Europe Commercial website 12/20/2015
UK biomethane lorries Argos takes delivery of the UK’s first dedicated Euro 6 gas-powered Scania tractor units Scania [Press Release] – Mar 2015 12/20/2015
Henry Ford quote Henry Ford: 1863 – 1947 Hempcar – undated 12/20/2015
EU E5 and renewable fuel mandate, US E10 and renewable fuel standard, Austrailian E10, Asia enjoys a range of ethanol-petrol blends Biofuels Mandates Around the World: 2015 BiofuelsDigest – Dec 2014 12/20/2015
Brazil and ethanol Sweetening the biofuel sector: the history of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil BioEnergy Connection – Fall 2014 12/20/2015
Ethanol from maize uses more energy than it releases What EROI tells us about ROI Smartplanet – Feb 2012 12/20/2015
The environmental impacts of maize ethanol Ethanol Industry Study Fudges The Numbers – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
Bush and methanol When California had 15,000 methanol cars Fuelfreedom [blog] – Oct 2013 12/20/2015
Biodiesel may produce more NOX than oil based diesel Review of the effects of biodiesel on NOx emissions Hoekman, Robbins, Fuel Processing Technology
Volume 96, April 2012, Pages 237–249 12/20/2015
Biodiesel may produce smaller particulates than oil based diesel Particulate emissions from biodiesel vs diesel fuelled compression ignition engine Agarwala, Guptab, Kotharia, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Volume 15, Issue 6, August 2011, Pages 3278–3300 12/20/2015
Sweden second generation fuel plant DOMSJÖ FABRIKER Commercial website 12/20/2015
Italy second generation fuel plant Crescentino Commercial website 12/20/2015
US second generation fuel plants Big oil turns on biofuels Table 1: US commercial-scale second-generation biofuels plants Sheridan, Nature Biotechnology 31, 870–873 (2013) 12/20/2015
Iogen and Raizen enzyme production including 50% more ethanol Costa Pinto Project Commercial website 11/30/2015
BetaRewneables BetaRenewables Commercial website 11/30/2015
Ventner announcement First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell JCraigVentnerInstitute – May 2010 12/20/2015
JBEI announcement Bacteria rebuilt to make oil NBCnews – Jan 2010 12/21/2015
Korean scientists Novel technology to produce gasoline by a metabolically-engineered microorganism Sciencedaily – Sep 2008 12/22/2015
Minnesota researchers Co-cultured Synechococcus and Shewanella Produce Hydrocarbons without Cellulosic Feedstock US Department of Energy – 2012 12/20/2015
Patagonian fungus The production of myco-diesel hydrocarbons and their derivatives by the endophytic fungus Gliocladium roseum (NRRL 50072). Strobel, Knighton, Kluck, Ren, Livinghouse, Griffin, Spakowicz, Sears, Microbiology – Nov 2008 154 (pt11) 3319-28 2/8/2016
Lanzatech and Virgin Virgin Atlantic Announces HSBC to Join Unique Partnership in Development of Low Carbon Fuel Commercial website 11/30/2015
Algae Tec Algae Tec Commercial website 11/30/2015
Northwest labs Algae converted to crude oil in less than an hour, energy department says NBCnews – Dec 2013 12/20/2015
The development of fuel cells Fuel Cells Wikipedia – Nov 2015 12/20/2015
Roger Billings’ first hydrogen fuel cell powered car 1991 – The First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Dr Roger Billings – undated 12/20/2015
Francois Isaac de Rivaz first hydrogen powered car Hydrogen Fuel Cars 1807 – 1986 Hydrogen Cars Now – undated 12/20/2015
Scandinavia’s hydrogen network The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership Commercial website 12/20/2015
H2 Fuelling stations worldwide and UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Eleven new hydrogen refuelling stations worldwide in 2013 (19.03.2014) by LBST [press release]- Mar 2015 12/7/2015
Number of H2 car models Hydrogen Cars Now – history Hydrogen Cars Now – undated 11/30/2015
Toyota Toyota Unveils 2015 Fuel Cell Sedan, Will Retail in Japan For Around ¥7 Million Transport evolved – Jun 2014 11/30/2015
Mazda Mazda Delivers First Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation Commercial website 11/30/2015
Hyundai Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Commercial website 11/30/2015
Two weeks of travel between charges (200-mile range) 10 Electric Vehicles With the Best Range in 2015 Autos CheatSheet – Nov 2015 26/02/2016
78% of GB’s car and van journeys are less than 10 miles How people travel (mode) (NTS03) (NTS0308) – sep 2015 11/30/2015
French electricity prices are cheaper than in the UK Energy bills: Who pays the most in Europe? BBC News – Dec 2013 12/20/2015
Autolib Paris Autolib’ in media Commercial website 1/20/2016
Autolib Bordeaux STATIONS BLUECUB Commercial website 12/20/2015
blueindie Blue Indy Commercial website 12/20/2015
sourcelondon Source London Commercial website 12/20/2015
Aston University Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators (CABLED) ARUP – undated 12/2/2015
dynamic wireless power systems Feasibility study: Powering electric vehicles on England’s major roads Highways England – Jul 2015 12/2/2015
Truck fuel efficiency – NHTSA NHTSA and EPA propose Phase 2 MD/HD vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) standards NHTSA – Jun 2015 12/20/2015
Truck fuel efficiency – EPA Proposed Rulemaking: Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles EPA – Jun 2015 12/20/2015
US licence numbers dropped Report: 21st century transportation US PIRG – May 2013 12/20/2015
Japanese drive less Casanovas on Foot Baffle Toyota CEO as Japan Sales Shrink: Cars Bloomberg – Oct 2013 12/7/2015
UK young people can’t afford to drive National Travel Survey: 2014 – sep 2015 12/7/2015
Self-drive cars on the road Paving the Way for Self-Driving Vehicles WealthDaily – Jun 2013 12/20/2015
Nissan autonomous cars CEO: Nissan will be ready with autonomous driving by 2020 Associated Press – Mar 2015 12/20/2015
Developing world turning to petrol power Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box Ted – Jun 2010 12/20/2015
Korea electric bus South Korea Has a Road That Charges Electric Vehicles as They Drive Geobeats News via YouTube – Aug 2013 12/20/2015
Milton Keynes electric bus Wireless charging for Milton Keynes’ electric buses gets a thumbs up from Shadow Transport Secretary Milton Keynes Citizen – Sep 2014 12/20/2015
Maglev at Birmingham airport Birmingham (UK) Airport Maglev Train 1984 – 1995 RIP YouTube – Dec 2009 12/20/2015
Linimo, Japan, Shanghai, China and Daejeon, South Korea all have maglev Maglev Wikipedia – Dec 2015 12/20/2015
The first monorail Monorails in History-Part I The monorail society – undated 12/20/2015
53 working monorails Transit Monorails of the World The monorail society – undated 12/20/2015
PRT Korea Personal Rapid Transit, South Korea – undated 12/20/2015
PRT Masda City Personal Rapid Transit and Masdar City PRT YouTube – May 2010 12/20/2015
GRT Capelle aan den Ijssel Rivium Advanced Transit Association – undated 12/20/2015
Daventry GRT Driverless Cars – Daventry District’s story Daventry District Council – undated 12/20/2015
Cambridge guided busway Cambridgeshire guided busway opens to passengers BBC News – Aug 2011 12/20/2015
Light railway construction dates List of tram and light rail transit systems Wikipedia – Jul 2014 11/24/2015
Two-thirds of English journeys made in a car National Travel Survey: 2014 – sep 2015 11/24/2015
High-speed rail pushed up rail fares High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network Low tech magazine – undated 12/20/2015
Solar impulse Around the world solarimpulse – undated 12/2/2015
Airbus all electric plane by 2017 E-Fan: the all-electric plane
A revolution in air travel
Commercial website 12/2/2015
Hakari Travelling at the Speed of HIKARI Hikari project – undated 12/2/2015
Hexafly International High-Speed Experimental Fly Vehicles – International CORDIS – Mar 2015 12/2/2015
Air industry targets Flightpath 2050 – Europe’s Vision for Aviation EuropeanCommision – 2011 12/20/2015
Hydrogen – Boeing’s Phantom Eye Phantom Eye Commercial website 12/20/2015
Hydrogen – Boeing’s B57 NASA Research on Hydrogen for High-Altitude Aircraft NASA – undated 12/20/2015
Hydrogen – Tupolov’s 155 Cryogenic Aircraft – undated 12/20/2015
Russian airship Airships for Russian Arctic patrol Barentsobserver – Mar 2014 12/20/2015
Airlander10 airship Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson has an insanely ambitious plan to bring huge Zeppelins back to the skies HybridAirVehicles – Apr 2015 12/20/2015
Marine freight emits 796 million tonnes co2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions IMO – 2014 12/2/2015
International co2 emissions World Development Indicators World DataBank – database 11/23/2015
Price of bunker BW380 prices bunkerworld – live 12/2/2015
number of barrels of wti in a tonne Singapore Bunker Prices Ship and – live 12/2/2015
density of diesel Reference Diesel Fuel Dieselnet – undated 12/2/2015
IMO rules Energy efficiency and the reduction of GHG emissions from ships IMO – undated 12/20/2015
EU law Reducing emissions from the shipping secto EC climate action – undated 12/20/2015
IMO measurements IMO Update Study for the GHG Emissions Estimate for International Shipping IMO – undated 12/20/2015
LNG ships Teekay Commercial website 12/20/2015
hydrogen fuel cells on marine craft The Dawn of Hydrogen Ship&bunker – Aug 2013 12/20/2015
Maersk Maersk Line’s focus on energy efficiency pays off Maersk – Mar 2013 12/20/2015
Tres Hombres Tres Hombres – The World’s Only Engineless Sailing Cargo Ship Fairtransport – undated 12/20/2015
Ecoliner Dykstra Naval Architects Commercial website 12/20/2015
Solar on small boats Solar-Powered Ship Arrives in Europe Renewableenergyworld – Sep 2013 12/20/2015
Kite assisted boats Cargill reveals the name of the world’s largest kitepowered vessel Cargill [Press Release] – Jul 2011 12/20/2015
Lloyds register quote Consortium explores nuclear power for ships Marine Log – Nov 2010 12/20/2015
Academic review of nuclear powered ships Considerations on the potential use of Nuclear Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology for merchant marine propulsion Hirdaris, Cheng, Shallcross, Bonafoux, Carlson, Prince, Sarris, Ocean Engineering, 03/2014, 79(1):101-130 12/20/2015
Kites to replace deep sea wind turbines KitePower Commercial website 12/20/2015
Number of people in London for the Olympics London 2012 by numbers – undated 12/20/2015
Olympic transport upgrades Leaving a transport legacy GreaterLondonAuthority – Mar 20112 12/20/2015
Brazil transport projects Modernising Brazil’s transport infrastructure Host City – Feb 2014 12/20/2015
Transport links for the Olympics seem to be based on existing infrastructure Transport map: Learn more about the transport options that will link the competition sites in 2016. – undated 12/20/2015
Newcastle transport strategy Keep Tyne and Wear Moving TyneandWearIntegratedTransportAuthority – Mar 2011 12/20/2015
Bristol cycling Cycling BristolCityCouncil – undated 12/20/2015
Bristol and Southwest transport strateg Travel West Projects TravelWest – undated 12/20/2015
Bristol FCS Civitas Vivaldi 2020Civitas – undated 12/20/2015
Daventry bio LNG station Launch of Britain’s first Bio-LNG filling station by Gasrec drives HGV low emissions revolution gasrec – May 2013 12/20/2015
Daventry GRT/ PRT and autonomous cars Daventry District council search results [group rapid transport Daventry District Council – Mar 2014 12/20/2015
Bogata Bus Rapid Transit System, Bogota Sustainablecitiesnet – Aug 2009 12/20/2015
Seoul How to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 10 % in Seoul The Korea Blog – Jun 2013 12/20/2015
New Zealand Think Big Think Big – undated 12/20/2015
Septainability Septainability (South Eastern Pennsylvania) – website 12/20/2015
Septainability benefits Goal 9: Transit Mode Share Septa – website 12/20/2015
Emery go round How A Free Bus Shuttle Helped Make A Small Town Take Off npr – Nov 2013 12/20/2015