Build diary – week fifteen, up on the roof

Monday seemed to be delivery day, we saw the arrival of the decking boards, Cedar shingles, the Velux roof lights and more lime and clay plaster. Plenty to do then, although the weather had its contribution to make to the shingle laying.

Perhaps the first little pig knew best?

The wind in Melbourne can huff and puff but it won’t blow our (round)house down. People respond to the word straw when I mention the Whistlewood Common roundhouse. Incredulity often fleets across the faces of my companions (unless they have watched Grand Designs). So, for this month’s post I spoke with Hannah Hunt, our designer from StrawContinue reading “Perhaps the first little pig knew best?”

9,000 wine bottles holding up the floor

Whistlewood Common is a pioneering community benefit society, which is building a green-build, straw construction community building near Melbourne, Derbyshire. This post considers the construction of the wine bottle floor.