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coal formed in the carboniferous period The World Coal Association Commercial Website 12/21/2015
when was the carboniferous period The Carboniferous Period University of California Museum of Paleontology – Jun 2001 12/21/2015
three to seven feet of plant matter make one foot of bituminous coal How Coal Is Formed American coal foundation – Dec 2005 12/21/2015
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Neanderthals used bitumen Neanderthals Defy Stereotypes PBS – Sep 2013 12/21/2015
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Marco Polo and quote Peeking at Peak Oil by Kjell Aleklett, Michael Lardelli, Olle Qvennerstedt, published by Springer, 19 May 2012,+in+such+abundance+that+a+hundred+ships+may+load+there+at+once.+This+oil+is+not+good+to+eat;+but+it+is+good+for+burning+and+as+a+salve+for+men+and+camels+affected+with+itch+or+scab.+Men+come+from+a+long+distance+to+fetch+this+oil,+and+in+all+the+neighbourhood+no+other+oil+is+burnt+but+this.%E2%80%9D&source=bl&ots=HrHcKIPIoH&sig=i_pVICkW6iU7l51u4yGw4X3hcZE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=55qeU7b_KMOYO4rFgegO&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=%E2%80%9CNear%20the%20Georgian%20border%20there%20is%20a%20spring%20from%20which%20gushes%20a%20stream%20of%20oil%2C%20in%20such%20abundance%20that%20a%20hundred%20ships%20may%20load%20there%20at%20once.%20This%20oil%20is%20not%20good%20to%20eat%3B%20but%20it%20is%20good%20for%20burning%20and%20as%20a%20salve%20for%20men%20and%20camels%20affected%20with%20itch%20or%20scab.%20Men%20come%20from%20a%20long%20distance%20to%20fetch%20this%20oil%2C%20and%20in%20all%20the%20neighbourhood%20no%20other%20oil%20is%20burnt%20but%20this.%E2%80%9D&f=false 12/21/2015
Baku was visited by other travellers Baku and Oil. The Early Period Window to Baku – undated 12/21/2015
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Abraham Gesner Abraham Gesner, 1797-1864 Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, undated 12/21/2015
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First oil well in the UK, Duke of Devonshire mineral rights, the American Roughnecks of Sherwood forest Dukes Wood oil museum Dukes wood oil museum – undated 12/21/2015