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north sea decommissioning to cost £40b by 2040 Shell prepares to dismantle North Sea giants Financial Times – Feb 2015 12/10/2015
Cost of drilling an offshore oil well, first barrel cost millions of pounds Oi-1 well to start again after drilling difficulties The National Business Review – Jun 2014 12/4/2015
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Bibi-Eibat, Baku What is Drilling & Completions and what documents do you need for a Management System Marius Landman – Oct 2012,d.ZWU 12/21/2015
Summerland Field, California Summerland Beach’s oil seepage mystery Coastal Care – Apr 2012 12/21/2015
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Continential shelves add an area the size of North America to explore and exploit Continental Shelf: The Last Maritime Zone United Nations Environment Programme – 2009 12/21/2015
operators flare gas on site if they cannot make a profit from it North Dakota curbs wasteful flares of oil drilling gas New Scientist – Apr 2015 12/21/2015
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UK ng consumption 2013 DUKES Chapter 4: Natural Gas – Jul 2015 11/24/2015
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Obama vetos keystone XL and its supports promise to keep fighting Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline and hails US as leader on climate change The Guardian – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
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convert barrels into litres metric conversions 12/4/2015
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Hotel boom North Dakota RevPARs slip amid oil boom HotelNewsNow – Mar 2014 12/21/2015
Biggest job growth for women is waiting on tables Women Waiting Tables Provide Most of Female Gains in U.S. Bloomberg – Sep 2013 12/21/2015
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Saudi Prince: Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom Sky – Jul 2013 12/21/2015
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BP explosion Macondo Blowout and Explosion US Chemical Safety Board – undated 12/21/2015
Deepwater Horizon only recovered less than 20% of spilled oil Oil spill dumped 4.9 million barrels into Gulf of Mexico, latest measure shows 12/21/2015
ten million gallons of oil are found on seabed Where did the missing oil go? New study says some is sitting on the Gulf floor Florida State University – Jan 2015 12/21/2015
blow out regulations still not law Wave of new federal oil and gas mandates in the works Houston Chronicle – Jul 2015 12/21/2015
2011 Yellowstone leak Yellowstone river suffers oil spill The Guardian – Jul 2011 12/21/2015
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Shell drilling rig runs ashore in Alaska Shell’s Arctic Drilling Venture Stumbles Toward Reality Huffington Post – Sep 2012 12/21/2015
Shell drilling rig runs ashore in Alaska – take two Here’s how Shell’s errant arctic oil rig made it to safety PA – Mar 2013 12/21/2015
Ko Samet oil spill Rayong oil spill Wikipedia – retrieved 5 July 2015 12/21/2015
Canadian company ordered to drain a lake to find the source of four oil spills CNRL ordered to drain a lake in Alberta, stop oil spill The Globe and Mail – Sep 2014 12/21/2015
Conflicting statements about the oil spilled at the Primrose site CNRL Releases New, Lower Cold Lake Oil Spill Estimates DesmogCanada – Feb 2014 12/21/2015
Lac Megantic Two Years After Oil Train Disaster, Profound Scars Remain in Lac-Mégantic Common Dreams – Jul 2015 12/21/2015
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M/V Marathassa in English Bay Independent Review of the M/V Marathassa Fuel Oil Spill Environmental Response Operation Canadian Coast Guard – Jul 2015 12/23/2015
Santa Barbara broken pipeline Broken oil pipeline spills 21,000 gallons off California coast Washington Times – May 2015 12/21/2015
gas well explosion in Texas South Texas oil well explodes, spews toxic gas ValleyCentral – May 2015 12/21/2015
Two derailments in Wisconsin Homes evacuated as second train in two days derails in Wisconsin Reuters – Nov 2015 12/10/2015
natural gas storage leak Aliso Canyon leak sheds light on national problem – Methane leaks occurring across our natural gas supply chain take huge climate toll Environmental Defence Fund – Live 31/1/2016
LA leak closed Massive Gas Leak That Prompted State Of Emergency Finally Stopped BuzzFeedNews – Feb 2016 14/2/2016
Broken pipeline in Peru Peru oil spill pollutes Amazon rivers used by indigenous group BBC News – Feb 2016 26/02/2016
Gulf of Mexico leaks since 2004 The Biggest Oil Leak You’ve Never Heard Of, Still Leaking After 12 Years EcoWatch – Feb 2016 26/02/2016
Closing chapter of the Presidential Report – Gulf of Mexico spill 2010 Oil Spill Commission Final Report Blames Deepwater Disaster On ‘Systemic Failures’ LexisNexis Legal Newsroom – Feb 2011 12/21/2015
Cold Cracking Cold Cracking Can Save Millions for Oil refineries: Technocrat The New Indian Express – Nov 2014 12/21/2015
extraction using microwaves Microwave process for intrinsic permeability enhancement and hydrocarbon extraction from subsurface deposits Google Patent Search Application US20070289736 A1 Published Dec 2007 12/10/2015
improved ways of cleaning up spills Deakin scientists create revolutionary material to clean oil spills Deakin University – Nov 2015 12/7/2015
Oil exploration in the Falklands New Falklands oil discovery could stir trouble with Argentina The Telegraph – May 2015 12/21/2015
US government give shell permission to drill in the Arctic US gives conditional nod to Royal dutch Shell for oil and gas drilling in Arctic Ocean The Economic Times – May 2015 12/21/2015
Shell have backed out of the Arctic Shell Oil Abandons Controversial Drilling Off Alaska’s Shore NPR – Sep 2015 12/21/2015
NG industry balked at tighter emissions regulations New methane regulation “could threaten shale” MyManufacturingConnection – Jan 2015 12/21/2015