Build diary – week twenty-one, hole in the ground so big and so round

Stage and decking

With great pleasure, I am handing this blog over to Whistlewood volunteers. If you would like to contribute, you can write your own piece as Chris has or send me notes using the contact page or via Whistlewood.

By Chris Gregson – 15th October to 19th October.

Didn’t it rain!  After two days of steady rain the roof proved to be watertight and so the builders could complete the internal clay rendering on Monday.  However, we needed the man with the digger (Dave) to cut us a drainage channel as the lower side of the site had become a moat.

Drainage channel
Drainage channel which will be used later for the overflow pipe from the water tank.

Once the ‘moat’ had been drained the guys could get on with making the footings for the rest of the veranda and stage.


Water tankBut before they could build the stage supports the water tank had to be installed.  Back came Dave with his digger and pretty soon there was a large hole with a tank in it.  This tank will take the run-off from the Roundhouse roof and provide us with a non-potable water supply.  Non-potable because the Cedar shingles ‘taint’ the water and make it unpleasant to drink, however we don’t want to waste it so it will be available, by pump, for use in the garden area.

Back filling
Guess who had to backfill the hole, one man and a shovel!

Meanwhile the guys were building the supports for the decking.

Laying the decking and stage boards

So, at the end of next week we will be laying the decking boards on volunteer Saturday 27th October.  If you didn’t make it last time (and if you did) now’s your chance to help out, just bring an electric screwdriver (and its charger) if you have one, some lunch and lots of enthusiasm any time from 10 until 4.

Chris Gregson



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