A simple way of keeping the ‘self’ in self-publishing

If you are a writer the chances are you find the idea of self-publishing daunting. To be honest only the most hardened person could simultaneously take on a project of this magnitude while opening their creation to public scrutiny with no fear or trepidation.

So there can be no surprise that many businesses have sprung up to help the aspiring author self-publish in a hassle free way. But that has two downsides. The cost is the most obvious; this kind of book shepherding wields a hefty price tag. The second is the loss of control. By putting an intermediary between you and all the service providers you might not be able to influence the end ‘product’ (ah, that is a third downside, your book is suddenly a product to be sold).

I believe there is another way. A way of supporting new authors find their way through the maze of options, reminding them of tasks to be done and answering their questions clearly and directly. And I would like to offer that service to you.

So, no flashy website, no offer to put you in touch with a range of carefully vetted suppliers, no standard programme. Just good honest support with a carefully tailored checklist, email conversations and phone calls to a real person who has done it all and promises not to ‘reach out’, ‘loop around’ or plan your ‘inbound marketing’.

I am just starting out, so I would like to agree the price with you – contact me for more details.

I would love to meet writers in the Derbyshire area and will give free presentations about self-publishing to writers’ groups.

One thought on “A simple way of keeping the ‘self’ in self-publishing

  1. Michelle was incredibly helpful to me when publishing my new book, “Images From a Warming Planet”. To be honest, I hadn’t the first clue about how to list and get the book selling on Amazon, but with Michelle’s help and support, I managed to get everything listed and the book selling. Her help, advice and guidance was invaluable.
    Ashley Cooper
    Environmental Photographer and self published author


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