Interim Programme Management

As a Programme Manager, I set up programmes and projects to succeed.

This is a brave activity. It means investing in the front end of the project and possibly seeing little ‘progress’. However, it puts your projects on the right footing. There are a few key activities to setting up a project well:

Understand what you want and agree with stakeholders – this might sound beyond obvious but most projects fail because requirements are not understood or fail to meet the needs or constraints of affected parties

Set up governance – regular milestones reviewed by all stakeholders ensure you stay on track, plus you have a ready made set of supporters when things change

Understand what you need to do, how long it will take and what it will cost – a really good, full business case helps reduce change later in the project

Communicate – two-way communications smooth the change curve and bring intelligence into the project

Manage risk – it is never too soon to manage risk. Never.

A good programme manager recruits and listens to a team, and together they carry out and document these activities. The programme manager hands over to a project manager(s) and supports when necessary during the planning, delivery and close-out phases of the project.

As an interim, I quickly get to understand an organisation, its goals, capabilities and constraints. I work well amalgamating the big picture and essential detail. Strategic thinking ensures my activities meet business objectives. Managing the details safeguards the solution by reducing risk during implementation and making certain all stakeholders are satisfied.

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