Surface Go – the amazingly good stuff

All my posts on this subject have been negative. I suspect most of that comes from my position on the change curve and my expectations. It is easy to focus on the disappointments – so here is a closing list of the things that made me go ‘wow’.

Windows Ink – I can make a note on my Surface Go and it appears on my phone and vice versa. I expect I can also loop in my PC and laptop. I am expecting to make a lot of this feature.

The type cover and pen – both are so well made and work so nicely. Though the little kid in me will always disproportionately enjoy the magnetic clicks.

Windows Hello – I have mentioned this before, but being able to switch on (with a super fast boot up) and then just smile, grimace, briefly look at the screen to login is fantastic (I would love to get a mash up of the things my Go sees)

Connection to my phone – I down loaded the Microsoft Launcher and a couple of other apps and now my phone and Go talk (also applies to my PC and laptop). I can text from the Go, I can take pictures on my phone and know they will automatically appear in OneDrive – though I also like the continue on PC feature and may use it more than is strictly necessary.

Moments – I have started to read and play with the tips in Windows 10, there is a whole section on Surface. The number of gestures for screen and touch pad and my ability to edit them is staggering.

Edge features – these features are available in all versions of Microsoft Edge, but I only learnt about them when exploring my Go. Edge has an inbuilt set aside tabs function – you need plugins (etc) to do this in Chrome or Firefox. Tab preview, a brilliant feature that lets you see a thumbnail of your tabs, helping work out which is the one you want.

I haven’t reached the top of the change curve just yet, but I now believe it exists!

So here I am heading up the change curve. I have started to enjoy my journey and am awed by some of the things I can do with my new Surface Go.

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