Surface Go, is it a PC or tablet

A quick recap: I was given a Surface Go (and am very grateful). I found myself putting off using it and realised I was ‘afraid’ of change. I decided to dive in and record what I have found and felt along the way.

But I still bobbling along the bottom of the change curve. I have had some wins and they would have delighted me if it wasn’t for the big losses. My latest episode was moving away from the ‘known’ of using the Go as a PC to using it as a tablet.

I use my iPad for watching shows and movies, emailing, playing a few games, reading books and a couple of little tasks. That is what I want my my Surface Go. That is not what I am getting from my Surface Go.

Watching Shows – none of the big UK catch up apps are available in the Microsoft Store. This is a massive let down. But I can watch through the browser so I am sure I will get over my disappointment*.

Watching Movies – none of the movie apps I use on iPad have an equivalent on the Microsoft Store. Most don’t have web pages – why would they?

Email – big tick. At first glance the latest incarnation of ‘Mail’ seems to be fairly good.

Games – there are a tonne of games on the Microsoft store. Just none that I like (to be fair, I like very few games on Play or the App Store), but I am disappointed. This includes my subscription to Elevate.

Reading books – I have a scattering of ebooks across several apps. I can get into my Kobo account, but I have to pay for a Kindle reader (and am not sure that the reader is supported by Amazon which makes it a risky purchase in my book) and can’t get any others.

Little tasks – won’t list them for security, but suffice to say I can’t get them either. One is sharing photos, but they are all on Google Drive so I have to do that through the browser*.

*Ironically I have always thought I would rather do things through the browser instead of a range of apps. So it will be interesting (for me) to see if I can reconcile myself to loosing the apps I have grown familiar with.

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