How to replace your iPad with a Surface Go

I am a bit of a geek – not full on geek, just more than most people. Give me new tech, a mechanical device or the chance to play with learn something new and I normally jump in with both feet.

Case in point, I just turned on the new block editor in WordPress despite wanting to get back to my Go.

So when I won the chance to take part in the Microsoft Global Hackathon I jumped in. When I found out my prize included a gift card to spend at the campus Microsoft store, I did my research. So when the day came, I knew what I wanted and walked away with a Surface Go, a keyboard cover and pen. I also maxed out my card with a pop button for my phone – but that is a whole different set of personality quirks.

But when I got home, I didn’t rip open the boxes and play. After a couple of days, I noticed something strange. Mixed in with my excitement, elation and curiosity was a strong sense of fear. For the first time in my life I was holding back from a new experience.

The change curve charts how people’s emotions change when they learn of, or experience, a change. The theory goes that managing change reduces the dip into negative emotions and speeds up the time we need to feel positive again. I also like the implication that the change will make us even happier.

I took several weeks to explore my new feelings. In the meantime, friends and family kept asking “when are you going to set up your Go?”. Eventually I came clean, my ever supportive partner said “idiot”. But I was enjoying the sense of trepidation and amusement at myself and so I waited a bit longer.

My biggest worry is moving from IOS. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Windows fan, I even had (and still miss) a Windows phone. But my partner and I bought our first iPad nearly nine years ago and my latest (Little Purple) works exactly how I like. I’ve also learnt all the little tricks that make it a joy to use (micro moments) and don’t quite believe my Windows experience will be as good. Heresy??!?

So, these posts – which will be much shorter in future 😉 – are about my transition from iPad to Surface Go. I hope you enjoy them – a bit of schadenfreude is fine in my book – and they inspire you to take on a new technology challenge.

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