Launching a successful GDPR implementation

Steps to GDPR

I wanted to call this short post ‘Putting the PM into GDPR’, but I figured some people would feel obliged to let me know that doesn’t make sense.

The other thing that doesn’t make sense is trying to become compliant with GDPR without thinking about your project. Sure GDPR has to be business as usual, but the only way to make it part of the fabric of your organisation is to implement it well.

Last year, Peter Gregory of Wednesday IT approached me to help with a client of his. Now, what Peter doesn’t know about GDPR probably isn’t worth knowing, and the best thing about Peter is that he is continually learning. So, my, very, limited GDPR knowledge wasn’t what got us together; rather Peter had observed that most people tasked with implementing GDPR need a Project Manager. Peter has a lot of skills in that area, but it isn’t his bag, so he asked me to design and facilitate a workshop to kick off a GDPR project.

Work ShopLast week we introduced eight staff members at a charity in North Derbyshire to GDPR, helped them understand the scope of their project and worked out how they will organise themselves. It was good fun, extremely interesting and has put the team on the right track to be compliant by 25 May 2018.

Just so you know we talked about data mapping, risk assessments, quick wins, communications, ownership/ accountability, documentation, team ground rules and, of course, timescales.

If you don’t know where to start your GDPR Compliance Project, need help seeing the wood for the trees or run in fear from any of the words above; contact me using the contact form on the Delta Swan website or through LinkedIn.

BAU free GDPR seminar

If you want a quick, free introduction book one of the few remaining tickets for the seminar Peter and I are hosting with our colleague Owen Conti of Code 56 – here’s a link to our Eventbrite page.

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