My next book – drum roll, please

It has been ten months since I published the volatile fickle unpredictable undependable price of oil (VFUU). Since then I have dabbled with marketing and earned some money (with a token contribution from VFUU). I was surprised and pleased when my dearest other suggested that my next book be about water. Without a conscious decision, I started to collect interesting facts about water and think about how I can tell the story of water.

Water, water everywhere (working title) is about water – get away. It is another smorgasbord of information, and will dive into how we use water and some of the bad thing we do to it (and it does to us).

A couple of days ago I downloaded Scrivener – after a recommendation from a friend – and now have a working structure. I will start to market this book much earlier than VFUU and look forward to your thoughts as I share more.


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