Neither Nowt Nor Summat – a book review

As McMillan states this book is not so much about Yorkshire, but about the author and poet and his relationship with the County.

McMillan’s experiences are shared with a myriad cast of characters who we see through the eyes of the Bard of Barnsley. Perhaps my roots shine through as I giggled and chortled my way around a region that is larger than, richer than and has more people than several European countries, certainly my other half did not see the funny side of

“Because there were two fours in the number I surmised that I was on the forty-fourth floor.”

Given the recent news that regional accent (and dialects) are dying out, this book can stand as a eulogy to a language that evokes a people who are strong and dour, or generous and community driven – perhaps all four. McMillan provides a range of personal anecdotes and historic fact in a loose, but compelling, structure that carries us on a personal journey to become “Yorkshire Enough”.


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