Well, it has been a while. Shortly after publishing my book I was approached about a Project Management contract and felt I had to go with it. What with setting that up and settling into life on the road again, I slipped in my promotional activities and my blog fell off the priority list.
But I am back and have picked up several activities including releasing bubbles.


To read my bubbles go to

As I wrote my bubble about recycling steel I had a sudden thought. It wasn’t a good thought. I wondered if I had done my sums correctly. Now a wonderful person, dear to my heart checked my sums, but only on the basis of the data I recorded and I had a sinking feeling that I had failed to record the data correctly.

The sum in question calculated how many UK homes could heat all their water (central heating and other uses) with the energy saved by recycling steel (instead of making it from iron ore). The answer I calculated for my book was brilliant. But I found that instead of dividing the energy saved by the annual energy used to heat water, I had divided by the daily energy used. So I had to divide by brilliant answer by 365.
The answer is still staggering, but significantly less than I originally thought. And, more importantly, it is an error in my book. So I will be adding an Erratum page to this website and ‘fessing up to my arithmetic incompetence.
Of course, I checked all my other sums and am sure they are correct.



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