Video killed the radio star

Well, it is not going to win any awards, but I enjoyed making my promo video and thought I would share the steps I took with you. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link:

By no means did I do these steps in this order, or this number of times. For example, I played with recording the narrative on Movie Maker, but my microphone wouldn’t work. So I looked for an app to use on my laptop so that I could save the narration to the cloud and pick it up on my desktop.

  1. I drew all the pictures on our iPad on an app called Drawing Toolbox.
  2. I emailed the drawings (one at a time) to myself and pasted them into Gimp.
  3. I removed the background and cleaned up the images.
  4. I saved as png files (jpg doesn’t support transparent backgrounds).
  5. I inserted into PowerPoint and made slides.
  6. I upped the resolution of the pictures exported from PowerPoint.
  7. I exported the pictures and added them to Windows Essential Movie Maker
  8. I played with the flow, added more images, etc and then worked out the narration.
  9. I recorded the narration in chunks in Sound Editor R2.
  10. I cleaned up the narration in Audio Cutter Online.
  11. I added the narration to my project in Movie Maker.
  12. I changed the timing of the slides.
  13. I repeated steps 9 to 12 for the best part of a morning.
  14. I found a long car horn on Royaltyfreemusiclibrary and turned it into a beep beep using Sound Editor R2 and Audio Cutter Online.
  15. I published on YouTube.
  16. I was told the sound levels between the narration and the beep beep were wrong and edited them in Movie Maker.
  17. I found you can’t up-issue a video on YouTube and decided to leave it as it stands – I hope the beep beep doesn’t startle you.

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