A builder’s house is never finished…

Or so the old saw goes. Well, I have just discovered that I, as a PM, am just as remiss.

As I started to engage with prospective distributors for my ebook and print book I tried  to understand the timelines. Then my efforts petered out as I got caught up in the emotion and work of self-publishing.

So I am going to miss my own launch. My ebook will be available in some retailers on Monday, but my print book will only arrive as a proof on Tuesday. Not the best achievement for my CV.

So if you are thinking about self-publishing here are some timelines you need to consider:


Of course, these time scales depend on how prepared you are – if you don’t have a media kit (see my media kit here), you need longer. When you are writing you might have set up Styles or its equivalent in your word processor, and have a consistent format as a result, but you are unlikely to have your book in a format that suits both ebook conversion and print book conversion. If you are not sure about using Styles, look at my post. I nearly got them right, but still needed extra time to format and do corrections as a result of that nearly.

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2 thoughts on “A builder’s house is never finished…

  1. tsk, tsk flattery would get you everywhere – if it didn’t sound a touch sarcastic 😉

    I think it is easy for fiction, less formatting, more blogs (too many I suspect), I would help – from the sidelines…


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