My first press release. What a revelation for a self-publishing author. I found about 20 press release distribution agencies. All offering what seems to be the same service for a hugely differing sum of money. I guess the really big difference was the agencies that send press releases using the Press Association. They were by far the most expensive (one agency quoted £3450 +VAT for the first four hundred words and then £400 +VAT for the next one hundred words or image) and the most distant/ salesy. By that they didn’t have pricing on their sites and used a request for price to ‘sell, sell, sell’. I don’t like being ‘sold to’, I just want clear transparent data and will make up my own mind (I am officially a grumpy old woman).

I created a short list, assigned some criteria (mainly that the image must be included in the price), read the websites of about 10 agencies and had some email/ phone conversations (which dried up when the sales people realised how tiny their commission would be!). After about a day I got down to

and, dear reader, I put my press release together, found lots of recipients and hit send. As of 14:15 on Monday 14 March, you will find it at the above address. Do let me know what you think.


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