So remiss…

The last two weeks have been busy. Head spinning, feet tripping, and waking up remembering things or having solved problems busy.

I was aiming to launch on 29 February, I thought there was something fitting about the date “leap day, leap into the unknown”. And it certainly was a leap into the unknown. I totally underestimated the work required to publish as an ebook or a print book and while I made the last edits to VFUU on 26 February, there was no way I could get a book out in a weekend. In fact, I have only just sent…but I am getting ahead of myself.

Choosing my distributors

A true self-publisher would put the book on each retailers web page and in the catalogues of the big print sellers themselves. The truth is that life is too short and that is a learning curve I couldn’t face. So I hunted for a distributor. I discarded lots of very good distributors for a variety of reasons and choose (ta-dah):

ebookpartnership for my ebook

CompletelyNovel for my print book

I managed to get the manuscript to ebookpartnership last week and they have sent me a draft to review.

Today I finally (almost) got my Word document to convert into a pdf that I was happy with – the lovely folk at CompletelyNovel are sorting out the last issue.

ebp (it is a lot to type at this time of day) will list my book with lots of ebook sellers. CN will list it with Amazon and all of the book distributors (I know the distributor sends it to a distributor; now you might realise why I have been so frantic over the last few days). Both cover libraries. Neither publicises or markets the book.

Conversion to ebook

I did consider doing this myself, but the instructions I was following led me to Github, and, while I know people on there, it is step beyond my own levels of geekery. So I have paid for the conversion and will be reviewing it tonight. My PM at edp has asked for a detailed report  – that is my kind of person.

What’s next?

Well I have started to pull together a marketing plan (about three months too late, if I am to believe the people who have successfully sold book – what do they know confused?)

Shortly you will see my media kit on here and will get an opportunity to comment on the cover I chose (though my new header might give that away). And then lots of telling people about The Volatile Fickle Unpredictable Undependable Price of Oil, just remember you heard it here first.

Icon made by Icomoon from is licenced by CC 3.0 BY


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