Help required – round two

9 thoughts on “Help required – round two”

  1. I prefer the heading of the brown one, because of the line, but I think the brown image makes it look old-fashioned, like the 1970s. The blue is much more positive and optimistic – and the rig picture is intriguing and interesting. I would like to see the word ‘oil’ more prominently, though. At the moment it’s the words ‘the’ and ‘price’ that I see first. How about making the title ‘Oil’ and separating it from a smaller font sub-title, which could be something perhaps more grabbing (I really like the blog title with all its adjectives): such as “its volatile, fickle, unpredictable price”. Or you could superimpose the word ‘oil’ on the sky of the rig, in big letters, so we see it first. Hope this helps.


  2. I like the brown…..oil has been one of our world’s main source of energy and add as I understand it? We are running out of this commodity the picture to me reminds of this fact.


  3. The font is clearer on the middle one but you name gets lost at the bottom LHS so bring up to the middle. Also with the brown one …. the brown block is closer to the golden section in aspect ratio so you eye is drawn towards it.


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