With kind permission from…

Wow, I am moving into the final stages…over the last couple of days I have requested permission to quote from a variety of newspapers, journals, organisations and people.

For the most part the response is amazing, so many people have answered quickly (which I didn’t dare to hope for) and said yes.  One person has even offered to read my manuscript – I gave him the chance to retract the kind offer and then sent over the document with alacrity.

I have also learned a bit more about the dark side of publishing.  Authors expect to pay something to use other people’s work.  However, a couple of US titles have ‘monetised’ their back catalogue.  So if I want to use a really famous, 1973  quote of about one hundred words I can expect to pay between $250 and $2,500.  I have decided to write that one out of the book.  I am sad about this as I like the quote and it contains the exclamation

“and how!”



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