The big edit

The last two weeks have been solid editing.  This about the sixth ‘edit’ I have done and hope that I am heading in the right direction.  This one came about because I decided to work with an editor.

She homed in on flow and gave me lots of great comments.  So I printed it (on the back of previously printed documents) and red penned.  I red penned for England.  I moved chapters, added intros, reworded paragraphs, put linking phrases back in and rewrote the stuff I knew was pants.

I did the red penning in Cambridge while I was on contract down there and then went on holiday.

On the left - instructions to pick up a hotel transfer. On the right - a page of notes...
On the left – instructions to pick up a hotel transfer. On the right – a page of notes…

When we got home (the holiday was lovely, thanks) I consolidated all the electronic versions of VFUU and started to edit.  I have to confess, I like to make my computer and applications work for me.  My book is in Word and I have used headings and navigation since I started  and that made step one a lot easier.  All the chapters got moved about, an appendix became a chapter and some random paragraphs became an appendix.  Until Wednesday last week I still had a section called rogue paragraphs, stuff I like but couldn’t bring myself to cut.

Then I worked through each chapter, word by word making the red pen changes.  As I completed each chapter I read the whole thing out loud and made many more changes.


3 thoughts on “The big edit

    1. Ruby is great, she pointed out some things I knew in my heart of hearts, but had hoped to get away with and a bunch of new stuff as well. I am working towards having a cleanish copy for her to proof read and copy edit sometime in Dec/ Jan, depends on when she is available.

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